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Sharing moments …or maybe not

Iberiam Ham from Extremadura 100% Bellota
34 €
Grated tomato on crystal bread and extra virgin olive oil
4 €
Anchovies from Santoña
With grated tomato on crystal bread and extra virgin olive oil
17 €
Croquettes assortment
10 €
“El Chulapo”
Deep fried calamari with roasted pear alioli and ají panca sauce
14 €
“Broken”eggs with fries and Iberiam ham
13 €

Hot as coal

Charcoal octopus
With fried yucca, sweet potato cream, chimichurri sauce and olive mayonnaise
22 €
Hake you...
Grilled hake with small vegetables and green sauce
21 €
Madrilian pil pil cod
Small tender grilled leeks
23 €
Fish of the day
Ask for our shellfish, fish of the day or seasonal seafood
Market price
Marinated “picantón”
In spices with vegetable rice and sautéed ginger
16 €
Grilled baby cuttlefish with lentil caviar and sweet black trumpet mushroom, parsley and toasted garlic
16 €
Seasonal vegetable “fideuá”
Artichoke confit, sautéed snow peas and “mayolacha”
16 €
Yellow mellow rice with sautéed loin
A must!
22 €
Shhh... It’s a secret...
Our modern version of the Madrilian cocido, tender pork meat glazed in teriyaki sauce
22 €
Carbonita’s burger 2.0
Of chop, with brioche bread, red onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon and cheddar cheese
18 €
Low temperature short ribs of beef
Served with vine shoots, mojo and wrinkled potatoes
27 €
Charcoal rib eye
With charcoal-grilled potatoes and HYC sauce
34 €

Cool as ice

Latin Quinoa Salad
From my friend’s village, avocado, corncob, fresh latin cheese, cherry tomato and vinaigrette
14 €
Burratina salad
Fresh tomato served with grilled pepper and aubergine and burrata
16 €
Endive salad
With tropical fruit and caramelized peanuts
14 €
Soup of the day
10 €
Rosa Merino´s Ceviche
The first Hymn of the Peruvian culture
20 €
“Balfego” red tuna tartar
With Nikkei sauce, daikon and cucumber
22 €

Sweet dreams are made of these…

Local cheese selection
12 €
“La Chata”
White chocolate panacota, milk chocolate mousse and Tanzania´s dark chocolate with homemade churros
7 €
Berry jam and violet ice cream
7 €
Fresh fruit salad
With lime and coriander homemade ice cream
7 €
Assortment of ice creams
6 €
Candy apple
Toffee mousse, roasted and caramel apple, like a party!
7 €

* Information on allergens available upon request
* All fishery products served raw or undercooked comply with the rules of prevention of anisakiasis.

Chefs specialty

Low-temperature short ribs of beef

Hielo y Carbón wants you to continue enjoying the best Spanish cuisine at Gran Via, so we invite you to discover the traditional market cuisine of Madrid by tasting our Short ribs of beef. This special dish, cooked with a vine shoot, is accompanied by “papas arrugás” and mojos sauce, a spicty sauce designed for the most daring people.

Absolutely delicious!


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